I am glad the six month impasse has finally ended. “The keys to the management office were given to the new managing agent on Monday, after an all-day affair which saw the police called in for assistance.”


From all that has been reported in the media, the 22nd Management Council (MC) clearly raises my eyebrow when they tried to postpone AGM at the final hour. This is totally unacceptable. From my years of being MC Chairman, the AGM date cannot be rescheduled unless two criterion are met.

Firstly, at minimum 14 days advance notification to all residents.

Secondly, an agreement from the majority.

For whatever wishy-washy or political-bickering that is happening, all the more the AGM should proceed as initially set. All matters to be voted on the spot and decided. No need for words or fists, your vote according to unit share. Absentees surrender their rights to vote.

Mr Terence Fernandez’s reminder is simple and clear. “Anyone who volunteers for an MC position should understand they represent and serve the residents’ interests and objectives must be clearly defined.”

Was 22nd MC fighting for any injustice to the residents of Pine Grove? What are the justifications for not allowing AGM as planned? It is not unheard of that in a corporate boardroom, some power-broker board member walks off to induce others to follow. I hope this is not the case of such a move back-firing.

As the Straits Times writer have pointed out, the “battle not over as previous management council seeks to start legal challenge.” Nothing wrong with seeking the courts for fairness.

Another point here would be to use their own monies for all legal costs. The condo’s funds are strictly not for such purposes. Judging from the unit size (1200sf – 1800sf), each MC member is sitting on approximately $1.2M- $1.7M of property value. They can afford to pool their personal resources for their rightful purposes.

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