The AGM is a serious meeting for all owners in the condo development. The agenda is set in advance and should be strictly adhered to. An example of the sequence can be found in BCA’s strata handbook:

♦ The election of council members

♦ A motion for the adoption of the financial statement for the past financial period

♦ A motion to confirm the minutes of the last general meeting

♦ Other motions for consideration

Thereafter the meeting is documented and reviewed by other members of the committee to verify. There is very little room for error when conducted clearly and transparently.

How is it that an MC secretary (who happens to be a practicing lawyer) cannot clearly record the meeting minutes?

The main duties of the secretary include preparing and distributing minutes of meetings, as well as facilitating the inspection of MC’s documents by a person. It is an important role. When perform well, it maintains and upholds the integrity of the incumbent Managing Council.

Instead of addressing the concerns from a fellow Council member, this secretary decided to sue for defamation. And lost. I find it repulsive when members of a committee cannot address issues and resolve differences.

Where are the rest of the committee members? If something is grey, each member can voice their thoughts in turn and set things right. Somehow, I believe the matter has taken such a course due to political in-fighting within the committee. My guess is the majority members are muscling-in their plans, disregarding protocols and pecking other members.

This is highly possibly in a gradual change of council members; whereby the old guards and new warriors do not see eye to eye. On the other hand, an immediate change of the whole Managing Council brings with it a slew of other issues as seen in Pine Grove.

There will always be differences. What matters most is how to work together objectively for the benefit of residents. Suing another MC member after bickering over AGM minutes is Sia Suay.

2 thoughts on “Minutes not accurate? Sia Suay, secretary.

  1. This happened at my condo’s AGM and even for the monthly Council Meetings too. Inaccurate minutes of meetings. When SPs who attend the meetings write in to point out inaccuracies, the standard reply is that the council members have agreed to it and it goes out, errors and all. Council members are not doing their jobs.

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    1. You are not alone. Many condo residents have felt the angst towards the poor performance of Council members and Managing agents. Council cannot over-rule the majority of owners. They are legally accountable for all decisions. I suggest getting them to reply formally, if not to hold an EAGM.


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