There is a well-known quote by Warren Buffett about economic or financial crisis. “When the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” In recent years, I notice a rise in complaints against MCST council and Managing agents. To be fair, some are trivial issues voiced by overly-sensitive residents, while others can be as severe as mismanagement, extreme lack of financial prudence and even ‘hidden political agendas’.

Usually these are discussed openly in AGMs or in private with the MA. However in the current covid-19 crisis, many subsidiary proprietors (SPs) have found time to publicized their concerns on social media. I was told these pent-up frustrations have been accumulating for years in a number of condominiums around Singapore.

Younger SPs who are usually busy at work in office, are currently working from home. This seemed to have help gathered traction for discussion of their condo matters online. Maybe when they go out for lunch errands, a neighbour asks, “Ah Yong, you seen facebook? Someone posted our lobby’s cracked tiles.”

In another step further, some SPs have filed proceedings with the Strata Titles Board (STB). This is where a hearing can take place, and any conclusive orders is binding on all parties, enforceable in the Courts. In the first half of 2019, judgements were passed on two cases. This year we have already six judgements from STB, a 200% jump from 2019. (See the details here, as well as

Do you know that elected Members of parliament work for everyone in their constituency, including those who did not vote for them. Similarly in an MCST, the Council is elected. When you do not act in the best interests of the parties you represent, be prepared to answer some hard questions. In the words of our local darling Phua Chu Kang, “Don’t play play, ah!”

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