A resident took to facebook group MCST and posted the following.

To which a few others replied…

I assume every seven years the residents re-accumulate the equivalent of 60% of their existing Sinking fund. Sounds like one of the following.

1. The condo has very few things to maintain, except for painting. 2. Condo is running out of funds after the paint job. (see previous post)

If only more residents start attending AGMs/ EOGMs, asking the right questions (“not the second parking lot”). Then will the prudent decisions be made.

As to Fand’s question about how an AGM can be conducted without sufficient owners. A quick reference to BCA will show you the criterion. See screenshot below.

2 thoughts on “Condo resident asks MA for transparency on facebook

  1. oh my, I have the same problem with the manager. I went on the committee just to push forward some changes. The manager doesn’t care, and I give up complaining…. Hope the rest of the committee will agree to me changing the company managing it.

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    1. If you have put forth a valid case and the Council does not vote on it, the issue should be addressed in AGM or EGM. Not discussing or voting for the matter implies a lack of responsibility or worse-still, a complicit behaviour. Don’t give it, push for further clarity and let the other owners know.

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