By now, you may have heard about the ‘dumbest sheltered walkway’ in Punggol. It led straight to the bus-stop, but the railings extend another 5m-8m unsheltered. This inconvenienced the HDB residents from the cluster of blocks around. And one Lim Vernon took to facebook to broadcast his video about it on 1 Dec.

On 5 Dec, someone had updated on Tik Tok that workers were ‘fixing the issue’. Apparently within a few days, the Housing Management team have liaised with LTA. From the actual works and the email content, it seemed like two solutions were explored.

1. Extend the shelter.

2. Cut the railings and install new set of steps.

Option 2 was decided. Work should have completed by now. Wow! My idol Managing Agent. “Such eagerness and endearing level of service. Not only that, in this instance the Public model trumps the Private model in both cost and efficiency. An extremely rare sighting for me,” I requote from the previous post “HDB better than Condo”.

This standard of excellence should set a benchmark for Estate Managers/ Managing Agents. But clearly it was brought possible by informants and open discussions on social media, a modern day manifestation of checks and balances. Some condos have already setup Facebook group for residents and Whatsapp chat group. I believe it is in the right direction. We should keep it going by enlarging the group to encompass neighboring MCSTs. This will not only provide better transparency, but also greater value and standards to residents.

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2 thoughts on “Public amenities well-managed. Superbly efficient with social media

  1. Oh wonderful the exposure that social media offers for civic life. I find civic associations a very important platform in communities, for the middle, lower and poor class. The rich have their special ways of solving their issues with maintenance through Body Corporate administering private estates and apartments.
    I just wish that the public servant administering public housing would at all times operate from a richly texture mind to keep the neighbourhoods clean, fixed and beautiful. But here social media comes in with a woke public. This is a good thing for townplanning and upkeep.

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