This is a blog to share and possibly discuss the issues faced by residents, owners, council members and managing agents in the running and managing of a condo in Singapore (otherwise known as MCST).

I have been an owner and a council member for many years. First as member, then as Chairman. Having worked with various stakeholders, I have encountered many difficulties and hope to share the experiences. The lessons continue to prove useful as some of the issues continue to resonate today.

Why do this?

  • In recent years, I observed numerous poorly managed MCSTs
  • Owners are divided into ‘short-term camps’ & ‘long-term camps’
  • Idealistic maintenance is feeding an oversized cat
  • Sustainability & Asset enhancement can be better practised

There are various approaches to solving a problem. I do not believe my suggestions are prime. Circumstances differ for each individual and MCST. I am trying to provide insights so that others can build a better managed condo.

If you have ideas that will help solve some of today’s Condo problems, please send me a message here.